cause i can do what i want and they wont complain

I wanna fuck I wanna fuck the dead

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Why you so cute?

Why are u on anon

Can you post a selfie? :)

Right now?,………… fine

Whoa anon is getting intense over there. All of this back and forth made me take the time to see if you were actually all that cute, and you are! So good job anon! :D

all this back and forth thing is intense ! I love to know who anyone who  says such nice things like saying cute and hott and so on but if it is a crush I shit you not, almost anyone will flip out thinking ” WHO HAS A CRUSH ONE ME AHHH” or w.e. I like it when people like you who say such things off anon… so I can say thank you !! your a cutie as well !! :)

Maybe if we were mural followers I would talk to you. Have a great day though,

so if I want to talk to you… i have to follow you 

I’m sorry but that is really lame 

I can't, that would ruin it. I just have a major crush on you and it sucks because you would never like someone like me /:

why must you be such a bummer :/  U DO NOT KNOW THIS AT ALL

unless you an see in to the future like wow that is awesome. 

nvm that this will be a P.S.A that I will talk to anyone !! I do not judge off the bat ! I love talking to people so what is stopping you! people never put your self down on talking to any one that you are crushing on. Sure there is a chance that you maybe not have a chance with them but making friends with them is the next best thing!  If things are for the worst well remember there are plenty of fish out in the sea !